St. Cloud Mining takes a long term view of our business, maintaining a focus on husbanding our mineral reserves, preserving our Western landscapes, continually reinvesting in our equipment and facilities, and working to assure a safe and prosperous future for generations of workers and their families.

Since the establishment of our company in 1983, we have developed and maintained cooperative working relationships with our employees, our local communities and the rural environments in which we operate. Based in Winston, New Mexico, in the heart of Sierra County’s historical mining district, we are immersed in the Western heritage of the surrounding ghost towns and small ranching communities. The Company and our employees are active in community affairs and volunteer organizations, and in a county where the population density is three people per square mile, St. Cloud is one of the largest private employers.

We are proud to maintain full compliance with all national, state, and local regulations, and strong relationships with the related agencies. We strive to be good neighbors, responsible citizens and conscientious stewards of the remote and pristine lands where we work and live: In the stark beauty surrounding Death Valley, California; in the high desert abutting the Gila National Forest in New Mexico; and amid the ancient lakebeds of Bowie, AZ and Rome, OR.

Our footprint is minimal, with operations focused on recovering zeolite minerals from the altered ash and tuff deposits from long-ago volcanic eruptions, and redeploying them as the world’s finest natural environmental remediation media and feed supplement. Our reclamation efforts are concurrent with our mining activities, and St. Cloud is consistently recognized for its excellence in reclamation by conservation officials.

All St. Cloud operations are fully compliant with the mining plans of operation, reclamation plans, and storm water plans required by State and Federal regulatory agencies. Where required, reclamation bonds are in place to ensure a proper reclamation and closure will take place upon cessation of operations.