Privately owned and in operation since the early 1980s, St. Cloud consistently delivers a reliable product and outstanding service. St. Cloud was originally established to explore the St. Cloud silver deposits located near the historic mining district of Winston, New Mexico. The Company began developing silver mines and processing facilities in the area in 1983 and discovered a clinoptilolite (a zeolite mineral) deposit on the property, which was identified, delineated, and analyzed. Following extensive research and test marketing, St. Cloud converted its Winston, NM location to a zeolite processing and packaging facility in 1991.

In 2002, St. Cloud was acquired by Imagin Minerals and in 2010, the Company acquired additional operating properties including the Bowie, AZ chabazite deposit (a zeolite mineral) and the Ash Meadows clinoptilolite deposits. In 2012, St. Cloud acquired the Rome, Oregon mordenite (a zeolite mineral) deposits. All of the St. Cloud deposits have large, drill proven reserves characterized by SEM’s, XRD, CEC, and chemical analyses.

In 2015, St. Cloud completed a major plant expansion at the Winston location, including the construction of a second complete crushing and screening circuit to consolidate the processing and packaging of all the zeolite production from our various properties.