Ash Meadows

Ash Meadows, Nevada

St. Cloud’s Ash Meadows clinoptilolite (a zeolite mineral) property is located in Inyo County, California and Nye County, Nevada, approximately 70 miles northwest of Las Vegas and 5 miles east of Death Valley Junction. Ash Meadows Zeolite is mined at this location and shipped to our central processing facility in Winston, NM, where it is stored, crushed, screened, and packaged in a segregated facility.





Primary Exchange Cations

Sodium, Potassium

About This Location

  • Features an active mine with three areas spread across Nevada and California, and run-of-mine truck loading capabilities
  • Estimated Reserves:
    • Area #1 (Nevada): 18.9 million tons
    • Area #2 (California – North of Area #3): 11.7 million tons
    • Area #3 (California): 3.0 million tons
  • Standard products include: <40, 14×40, 8×14, 6×8, and ¼x6 mesh
  • Packaging options include: supersacks and 50 lb. valve bags