St. Cloud Mining is the largest producer of natural zeolites in North America. We are the premier name for wholesale supply of natural zeolites, and we enjoy a reputation for fairness, flexibility, and reliability that is second to none in the industry.

We are especially proud of the long standing relationships we have earned with our loyal and highly valued customer base.

Minimum order quantity is one ton, and we sell to the wholesale trade market – primarily to distributors, brokers, manufacturers – and value-added resellers across the country. We also sell directly to end users depending on certain minimum volume requirements and specific market arrangements.


We have earned extensive certifications, which are a reflection of our focus on producing high quality products and maintaining safe operations. Some of our certifications include:

Supporting our Partners

St. Cloud works closely with its customers to develop the right products, packaging, and logistical arrangements to meet the needs of their particular markets. With a full suite of commercially viable zeolites, we are uniquely positioned to identify and produce the right zeolite product for each of our customers – tailoring to specific needs and providing optimal outcomes. As evidenced by the mutual loyalty we enjoy with our customers, St. Cloud aggressively promotes the highest ethical and professional standards in support of our customers’ intellectual, technical, and commercial efforts.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our zeolite and its applications, and will involve our network of industry experts as needed.

We look forward to discussing your technical and commercial requirements and welcome your inquiries.