St. Cloud Mining Company is the largest producer of high quality, high purity natural zeolites in North America. It is the only company in the world that owns and operates a complete suite of unique zeolite mineral deposits encompassing the entire spectrum of commercially viable natural zeolites. Privately owned and headquartered in Winston, New Mexico, St. Cloud is a fully integrated company that owns and operates all of its mines, mills, and deposits, and works directly with clients on zeolite product innovation.

Through mines and resources in various locations, including New Mexico (Winston), Nevada (Ash Meadows), Arizona (Bowie), and Oregon (Rome), St. Cloud annually produces 42-45,000 tons of natural zeolites. St. Cloud Zeolites are used in a diverse array of applications across a wide variety of markets, including: animal feed supplements, odor and moisture control, soil amendment, water treatment, environmental remediation, and other specialty applications.

With safe, reliable operations and a wide range of products, packaging, and screening options, St. Cloud has an established base of long term customers in the U.S. and internationally, and is well equipped to support new partners looking for innovative ways to improve their companies’ current technologies or business operations.