The discharge of toxic heavy metals in industrial waste is a cause of serious soil and water pollution. Groundwater contaminants at industrial and military installations may include lead, copper, iron and chromium.

In assessing treatment options, cation exchange media often prove to be the most beneficial solution. Among available adsorbents, tests have shown that natural zeolites can be used advantageously as a cost effective alternate to activated carbon due to its ready availability and relatively low cost. St. Cloud Zeolite’s naturally occurring exchangeable cations (calcium, potassium, and sodium) are benign and exchangeable with lead, zinc, manganese and other common contaminants, making them especially fitting for the capture of toxic heavy metals from industrial effluent.

Natural zeolites are a less expensive and in many applications a superior alternative to organic ion exchange resins. Mining and metallurgical waste streams are difficult to treat because they often contain potentially valuable heavy metals (such as copper, lead, and silver), are often highly acidic, and contain significant quantities of suspended solids. Natural zeolites can be used as ion exchangers for removal of heavy metal cations such as Cu2+, Cd2+, Zn2+, Ni2+, and Pb2+.

Every wastewater challenge is unique according to its chemistry, flow rates, and occurrence. There is no one zeolite that is practical or effectual for all situations. St. Cloud is the only zeolite producer with a range of products that can optimize the metals removal in a cation exchange system, and we will work with you to evaluate your particular challenge and determine the best zeolite for your needs.