The chemical and structural properties of St. Cloud Zeolite lend themselves to a multitude of industrial applications where effective, low cost materials that control odor and moisture are needed.

St. Cloud Zeolite, whether alone or as a surfactant modified zeolite (SMZ), can adsorb toxins such as bacterial odors, formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide, mercury, lead, and radioactive gases.

It is also an effective drying agent – working similar to, and in some cases better than, traditional desiccants such as silica and alumina gels.

Moisture Control

St. Cloud Zeolite has the ability to absorb and desorb water molecules, allowing it to bind excess moisture – creating a local adsorption cooling effect – or act like a powerful desiccant. When used as a moisture control agent in refrigerators and freezers, zeolite will withstand the process of hydration and dehydration though an almost infinite number of these cycles without degrading – providing long-term water absorption capabilities with little maintenance.

Odor Control

Unlike other odor treatment products that mask offensive odors, St. Cloud Zeolite binds and captures many of the source gases in its naturally occurring matrix.

As such, St. Cloud Zeolite is an effective solution and is commonly found in odor adsorbing products marketed for industrial uses.