Bowie Chabazite

St. Cloud’s Bowie Chabazite (a zeolite mineral) is rarely occurring and unique among natural zeolites. It is characterized by its light weight, extremely high surface area, and high cation exchange capacity (CEC). Its chemical composition and affinity for radionuclides make it a proven and highly effective media for nuclear remediation applications, and its high surface area is valued in gas separation and specialty desiccant markets. End-use applications of St. Cloud’s Bowie Chabazite include hazardous waste cleanup of arsenic and thallium, radioactive waste control, personal hygiene products, and air and water filtration and purification. In addition, some cementitious products have been recently developed using our Bowie products.

The three major products currently sourced from Bowie are: AZUB from the upper bed of the Cholla Pit, which is used for specialty sorbent and cementitious products; AZLB-Ca from the lower bed of the Cholla pit, which is used for gas sorbents, cation exchange, and catalyst applications; and high sodium chabazite (AZLB-Na) from the Grace and State Land pits, which is used for gas sorbent, cation exchange, and catalyst applications.

Surface Area

AZLB-Ca 450 m2/g
AZLB-Na 550m2/g
AZUB 350 m2/g

Bulk Density

42-44 lbs./ft3 (all products)


AZLB-Ca 2.2 -2.8 meq/g
AZLB-Na 2.5-3.0 meq/g
AZUB 1.8 meq/g