St. Cloud Zeolite is used in a variety of grease and oil adsorption products that serve a diverse array of maintenance, operations, and housekeeping needs.

St. Cloud Zeolite, which is often referred to as a molecular sieve, effectively and safely cleans up spills, while providing a healthier and safer environment for those in areas treated with such products. Unlike many clay drying products, St. Cloud Zeolite has a very low percentage of crystalline silica and is in compliance with health standards, creating a safer and healthier environment for users.

St. Cloud Zeolite has a high cation exchange capacity, and forms an electro-chemical bond with many constituents of lubricating fluids, fuels, and process solutions. Additionally, our Zeolite attracts and holds elements such as lead, copper, iron, zinc, and aluminum, which are often in used oil as a result of engine wear. This reduces the chance of these elements entering the environment – something that other adsorbent products cannot offer. The honeycomb-like structure of St. Cloud Zeolite binds these adsorbed molecules in its open framework and retains them until they can be properly disposed of.