St. Cloud Zeolite is used as an ingredient in cement, as lightweight insulation, and as a building stone.

St. Cloud Mining has four natural zeolite deposits and one volcanic ash deposit located in New Mexico (Winston), Arizona (Bowie), California and Nevada (Ash Meadows), and Oregon (Rome). These deposits constitute the largest drilled out and characterized reserve of natural zeolites in the United States. Both the Bowie and Ash Meadows deposits are qualified for specialty pozzolanic down hole cements, and additional test work confirmed that St. Cloud Zeolite and Volcanic Ash meet ASTM standards.

Natural zeolites and the associated volcanic ash deposits are proven construction materials that have been used since the time of the Romans. A better understanding of the Roman pozzolanic cements that used zeolitic materials, and their strength and resistance to harsh chemical environments, has resulted in new applications for these unique materials.