The production and release of ammonia on farms raises significant health and environmental concerns for animals and humans alike.

High-levels of ammonia are known to cause serious damage to respiratory tracts in both humans and animals, and can also lead to low-weight gain and increased rates of pneumonia among young livestock.

Because of its natural affinity for ammonia, St. Cloud Zeolite reduces and retains fecal and urine generated ammonia preventing its release into the environment, thus improving air quality and reducing respiratory and other performance inhibiting ailments.

One of the most popular products produced by St. Cloud is horse stall freshener. St. Cloud Zeolite’s effectiveness in moisture adsorption and cation exchange reduces horse stall odor and improves the animals’ environment.

This same result is achieved with other livestock, as well as with pets and animals in managed habitats such as zoos.

Other uses for St. Cloud Zeolite on farms include: