Swine operations are under intense scrutiny from federal and local regulators. Concerns regarding the cost of odor management, wastewater discharge and manure applications are important economic issues to the industry today.

St. Cloud Zeolite is a low cost, effective response to many environmental issues and may deliver improved performance benefits. Many other solutions to these pressing problems that are under consideration contemplate capital intensive technology that is either cost prohibitive and/or ineffective for small and large producers alike.

Healthy Animals, Healthy Environment

The application of natural St. Cloud Zeolite to the diet or to the pits and lagoons may aid in the management of environmental requirements and also contribute to healthier animals and more cost effective feed programs.

In addition, laboratory test results indicate that St. Cloud Zeolite can be an effective aflatoxin binder.

Managing Manure

Farm operations are also challenged with managing manures within the guidelines of ever increasing environmental requirements designed for the protection of natural resources.

Transport distances and crop land availability add additional cost to the disposal of manures high in phosphorous and low in nitrogen. St. Cloud Zeolite’s unique ability to capture and bind ammonium nitrogen results in more nutrients being retained in the manure. This higher quality and more balanced end product allows increased application rates, which minimizes waste disposal costs and reduces reliance on purchased ammonia fertilizer.