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St. Cloud Zeolite
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St. Cloud Mining Co.
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St. Cloud Mining Co.
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Winston Millsite
Winston, New Mexico 87943

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St. Cloud Mining Company is the largest producer of natural zeolite in North America. Uses of St. Cloud Zeolite include animal feeds, horticultural products, soil conditioners, odor control, hygiene products, floor-drying agents, mineral fillers, waste water treatment, air filtration media, modified and cation exchanged products.

Private Labeling

St. Cloud Zeolite is primarily sold under private labeling arrangements through distributors, brokers, manufacturers and value-added resellers. We also sell direct to end users depending on volume and market arrangements.

St. Cloud Zeolite is marketed or included in such premium products as: Biolite®, EcoCal®, Ecolite®, SweetPDZ®, Zeobrite®, Stall Fresh®, ZeoPro®, E-Z Dry®, Hydrosil®, Ammonia-X®, EcoFresh®, Ammo Rock®, Stone House® Cat Litter and other industry brands.

Custom Packaging

Standard, private label and custom packaging and palletizing available including standard 10, 25, 40 and 50 pound or other units in paper or plastic with stitch, taped, valve packed or heat sealed closures. Other off-site special packaging services are available on request.

Bulk packaging in approximately 1-ton and other super-sacks or directly loaded in any bulk truck or rail car configuration including top loading or pneumatic carriers is also available.

Environmental Properties

St. Cloud Zeolite is a natural, inert non-toxic substance that is federally classified as GRAS (generally regarded as safe) in most applications and exempted from most regulations and reporting when used in accordance with good agricultural practice and when comprising less than 2% in animal feed products (40 CFR, Part 181.1001 and elsewhere).