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St. Cloud Zeolite is a low-cost, natural and safe response to some of the most pressing performance and regulatory challenges facing many industries today.

St. Cloud Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral with a unique chemical structure that allows it to adsorb and retain a remarkable range of substances, as well as to exchange unwanted elements for desirable ones.

Applications of St. Cloud Zeolites are varied and their potential is exciting. Consider these examples:

cafos sm Since the early 1990’s, Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO’s) have been using St. Cloud Zeolite to improve animal health, lower mortality, improve performance, and manage nitrogen and ammonia emissions. The addition of St. Cloud Zeolite  to animal waste  also increases the value of manure as fertilizer by significantly increasing TKN:P ratios allowing increased application rates and reducing ammonia purchasing requirements.
agriculture sm NASA recently developed a super-soil containing zeolite minerals packed with essential nutrients that allow plants to take what they need, when they need it. As part of this series of ongoing experiments known as “Astroculture”, St. Cloud Zeolite was selected for use in all the space shuttle and space lab zeoponic applications.
poultry sm A poultry farmer recently started using zeolite as a feed additive and bedding mixture yielding cleaner chicken houses and healthier animals. The use of zeolite improved productivity, reduced gastrointestinal disease, increased nutrient adsorption, and reduced ammonia emissions. All of these benefits contributed to higher profits and greater community acceptance.
water-filtration sm An innovative, nationally recognized storm water management company includes St. Cloud Zeolite in its filtration systems to adsorb pollutants more effectively. The filtration mixture is then cleansed and reused as nutrient enriched compost.

These are just a few examples of effective innovations through the use of St. Cloud Zeolites. Although adoption in North America is still in its early stages, tremendous potential exists for current and future markets.

Whether your industry is agricultural, environmental, sports, industrial or petroleum related, unlock the potential benefits and cost savings available through St. Cloud Zeolite.