You’ll find St. Cloud Zeolite in well-known animal feed supplements, in various horticultural growing media, in animal hygiene products, in water and air filtration applications and in odor control and general consumer products.

St. Cloud Zeolite is currently used in many other sophisticated industrial applications throughout the world in a wide range of processes that require cation exchange, filtering at the molecular level, separation, absorption, and adsorption of harmful or deleterious compounds. A few examples include:

  • Animal feed supplements and animal hygiene and odor control, particularly in concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs)
  • Horticulture and soil amendments
  • Aquaculture, aquaria, hatchery and pond filtration
  • Drinking water, surface water, ground water and waste water treatment
  • Air filtration and pollution control media
  • Oil absorbing floor drying materials, industrial fillers and the removal of some organic compounds from oil field waters
  • Municipal, industrial and private facility water treatment
  • Concrete additive with pozzolanic properties that modifies density and increases strength
  • Odor elimination
  • Flow and anti-caking agent in industrial and agricultural material handling processes